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Gallery of client brands that you may have seen who call The Woodlands home.

Crafting Authenticity > Dawson Security Group

Crafting an effective brand identity is about capturing a visual representation of a business. Extending beyond just a logo design; it’s crafting a narrative resonating with authenticity. This strategic approach is exemplified in the establishment of a brand campaign for our long-time client, Mark Dawson, owner of Dawson Security Group, Inc. Over the years, we’ve partnered fulfilling various traditional and digital marketing objectives, all stemming from a strong initial branding campaign.

DSG Banner Ad

DSG | Woodlands Online Banner Ad

DSG Tradeshow

DSG | Tradeshow Panel

Dawson Safe & Lock Business Card

DSG | Business Card

Navigating Change | MCCF

In a world where change is constant, your brand and image must evolve. The image of a business, even a non-profit, must become dynamic, staying abreast of industry topics and shifting consumer preferences. Working closely for over 5 years with Julie Martineau, president & CEO of Montgomery County Community Foundation, we have helped MCCF engage with its audience. Our engagement has created brand campaigns around two key organization fundraisers, and we assist in the design and production of their annual report each year, helping to highlight the nuances of the foundation to its donors and the community.

Setting Excellence > The Woodlands Chamber

Elevating your brand’s image is a strategic process aimed at enhancing the business’s overall perception. This transformative endeavor goes beyond mere presentation; it also exposes your reputation, credibility, and influence. A consistent commitment to design excellence is precisely why double-S-studios and The Woodlands Area Chamber of Commerce have partnered since 2015 on the design and production of this Business Today Magazine. Our collaboration with J.J. Hollie and The Chamber’s marketing team involves not only investing in a design that communicates professionalism but also actively contributing to industry conversations.

Business Today | December 2020
Business Today | January 2020
Business Today | July 2020

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